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The Vocal Lounge is a luxurious Long Beach recording studio created with the needs of all vocalists in mind. The bright stimulating atmosphere combined with our top-notch, no frills equipment list has led to the production of many great audio recordings. If you are looking to work with quality engineers to put your best vocal lines forward, there is no better place than the Vocal Lounge in Long Beach California.

Recording Time

Booking recording time at The Vocal Lounge is easy, and can be done with a couple of clicks. All of our sessions are conducted by our house engineers and are broken into 3 hour blocks. These sessions are available to standard vocal singers, rappers, spoken word artists, voice over professionals and so forth for official releases and demos. 

Out of respect for your artistry and for our time, we here at The VL only offer flat rate pricing based on whats needed to pay our engineers a good wage and whats needed to get you the highest quality recordings that we possibly can.


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